SmartVis Developer Release 4.6.1

 We are please to announce the release of SmartVis Developer 4.6.1.

Main Changes:

  • FaceLog6 plugin: 3 fixes, (1) memory leak,  (2) rare random crash (race condition), (3) rare bad output PDescription type
  • Autodetect AVX2 and fails SDK gracefully if this instruction set is required but not available on the CPU 
  • VERSION.txt has been added in the main folder of the SDK to quickly identify the version
  • GPU detection using PSystemInfo::GetGPU() has been fixed to avoid possible conflict with FaceRecognition components
  •  Input Video Stream: VLC plugin: MJPEG video streams logging issue has been fixed
  • InputVideoStream: OpenCV plugin: "loop" parameter when reading video files has been fixed
  • PStringList: two bugs fixed: (1) possible bad object when using constructor with more than 5 elements, (2)  crash in ToString() when list is empty

The full release notes can be found here.

You can download it from our support portal.

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